Web Copy and Blog Content

WordArcher can produce original copy for your website, or rewrite current copy to add precision, personality and polish. In addition, while many companies and organizations seek to incorporate dynamic web content in blog form, producing frequent original posts can be prohibitively time consuming. WordArcher can write posts on any subject, based on client-selected topics.

Marketing and Media Communications

Newsletters, press releases, brochure copy… no problem. WordArcher can deliver them all, with precision, personality and polish.

Long Form Fiction and Non-Fiction

WordArcher’s capacity for long form projects sets us apart from other writing services. We have completed multiple long form works of fiction and non-fiction and have several currently in-progress. Such projects involve varying scopes of work, including:

Ghostwriting: WordArcher takes your idea or story, and creates all content. Your name goes on the cover, but through interviews and research, we will write the entire book, under your direction. It’s still your book; we write it for you.

Book-doctoring: WordArcher will direct your writing process, but you will write the original content. In the case of fiction (and memoir), we will direct you in plot, character, point of view, narrative voice, dialogue and world building. In the case of non-fiction, we will direct you in structure and pacing, narrative voice, and accuracy of facts. There may be some major rewriting, which can be done by you at our suggestion, or we can complete the rewrites for your approval.

Line edits: Both ghostwriting and book-doctoring should include a line edit at the end of the process, but if your book is finished and you’re happy with it, WordArcher can edit a completed fiction or non-fiction manuscript for stylistic problems, wordiness or need for further exposition, and grammar, typos and misspellings. 



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copy writing